250-655-0014 capcitysky@gmail.com


2000 Jubilee Parkway
Campbell River, BC  

Phone:  250-655-0014

E-mail:  capcitysky@gmail.com


Mon-Fri: 9 AM – Dusk
Sat & Sun: 9 AM – Dusk
Friday First Jump Course: 5 PM – 9 PM


Take off and Land at Campbell River Airport

Located mid-Vancouver Island just 10 minutes from downtown Campbell River and North Island College lies Capital City Skydiving, designed from the ground up to efficiently function as a skydiving training and recreation centre. At the airport we have a dedicated teaching area for new and experienced skydivers. We facilitate training for new skydivers, tandem jumpers, and development for experienced skydivers. Front Office/Manifest and all our gear is located here. Right outside our hangar you access one of our two planes where you will take off for your skydiving adventure.

You can find the following amenities at our office:
– Manifest / front office
– Comfortable lounge area
– Maps of the landing area
– Equipment Rentals
– Payment
– A canteen for snacks and refreshments (coming soon!)


Our Aircraft

Our 2x Cessna 182s with wingtip extensions are single-engine light aircraft, holding up to 4 jumpers and our pilot each. Seating is removed to allow room for the jumpers and their gear but we have a comfortable mat on the floor in its place.

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