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The Drop Zone – Woodwyn Farms:

Woodwyn Farms:
Landing on the highly renowned Woodwynn Farm on the largest space available for parachuting activities, it also has an on site maze, general store, and farmer’s market. From the sky you’ll get to experience stunning vistas of the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Range as well as the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Georgia Strait. This entire complex is surrounded by acres of hay and crops of locally produced organic foods. The land gently descends into the ocean around all sides of the peninsula. The stunning visual stimulation will make you want to jump repeatedly.

Woodwyn farms is a therapeutic, healing farm community. Their vision is to enfold homeless people back into the community by giving them the support and the tools needed to reclaim their self-worth. Agriculture is central to Woodwynn Farms’ therapeutic mission.

Woodwynn Homefulness Program participants assist with crop and livestock production six days a week during their stay, growing most of the food they eat at Woodwynn, and offsetting program costs through cash crop production. The daily responsibilities of farming provide participants with fresh and nutritious food, physical exercise, structure, routine and a shared community. These are distinctive elements of Woodwynn Farms’ therapeutic program. Woven together, they contribute to Woodwynn Farms success in getting people off the street for good.

We are lucky to have such a great area as a drop-zone. With such a privilege we request that all jumpers be respectful while on the grounds of Woodwyn. No alcohol or drugs are permitted.

For more information about Woodwyn Farms, please visit their website: http://www.woodwynnfarms.org/