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The Experience of a lifetime

Learn to skydive and experience the thrill of jumping solo at the lowest cost on the island. We will beat any price on the island guaranteed. We offer the First Jump Course any day of the week with a group and fly 365 days a week from 9am until Sunset when we have jumpers. We offer discounted jump packages to help you get your solo license faster and for less. Our passionate staff are by far the most experienced on the island and work hard to make this your best experience ever. Call now to inquire about our prices or simply book below! We look forward sharing our love of this incredible sport with you!

First Jump Course

During the first jump course, you and your classmates will be taught the techniques and skills necessary to make your first skydive safe and enjoyable. The curriculum includes detailed instruction on the operation and use of the equipment as well as practical training using a suspended harness and an aircraft mock-up.

The first jump course takes approximately four to five hours. Once class is completed, your instructor will assist you in putting on and adjusting your equipment in preparation for your first skydive. You will then be prepared to jump by yourself. The instructor opens your parachute for you. Class is 4 to 5 hours, and begins at 5:00pm every friday or by special appointment for groups of three or more.

Your first jump will be made from 3,500 feet; your instructor will initiate the deployment of your main parachute as you leave the airplane.  After you’re under a good parachute, you’ll maneuver it during a surreal and serene experience of gently lowering you back to earth. We train you to fly and land your parachute. Once you have landed, your instructor will give a full review of the jump with you and will fill out your logbook. Hang onto your logbook, as it serves not only as a record of your accomplishment, but as important documentation of the training you have received as you progress toward becoming a full-fledged skydiver.
Capital City Skydiving is Vancouver Island’s premier facility for learning to skydive solo. Skydive Victoria, BC with our excellent program in gradually achieving your solo skydiving license by taking the first jump course.

First Jump Course